CEP Komanse bay Carnet... Lesly Voltaire deyo, Wyclef and Alexis Are Still In

Haiti Quotidien has just reported that the word is getting out about who's in and who's out in the upcoming Haiti presidential elections. They say Leslie Voltaire got the boot, Wyclef Jean and Jacques Edouard Alexis are still in, and the CEP is still reviewing Sweet Micky's sexy stage performances on DVD... LOL...

In Haiti, I guess you can legally rob the country blind but... dressing like a woman on stage and running for president afterwards may be a big NO NO...

LOL... Anyway...

Si Francais-w bon, read the full article here, click on
Les Premiers Carnets Sont Connus: Lesly Voltaire Renvoye

Morality Question:

Can the CEP legally kick Sweet Micky out because he dresses like a woman on stage?

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Haitian Born says...

Yea David I'm so satisfy with you regarding the comments that you pass on for all haitian who knows where they are coming from and knows what Haiti used to be and where know who haitian people wants to be a leather for them.
wyclef Jean doesn't have no back ground no politics experience, in what so ever.This guy is just a raper hip hop singer whatever you may call it.That mean time wyclef owed IRS about 4 millions US dollars tax money which is not been paid and now running for his presidential poll. I liked his music before because of that stupid thing running to be the haitian leather I broke all wyclef sounds that I have home and I'll never buy his craps no more.Even people who is not from haiti saying that they feel disappointed of that damning...

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Miggy says...

Re: Presidential Candidate Charles Henry Baker Radio Interview, Tuesday,...

HE IS EXACTLY WHAT HAITI DOES NOT NEED. A rich mulatto man who has thrived and been very successful in his own beautiful, organized and well run world right in the middle of Haiti.

People like him were born with an international passport in their mouth.

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Marcy Paul says...

Sweet Micky regardless of his sexual orientation should stay in the entertainment business.

Both Wyclef Jean and Sweet Micky do not have the intellectual capacity to lead Haiti.

Both should stay in the entertainment

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David Grant says...

Even though homosexuality is very much prevalent in Haiti, the majority of haitians do not accept same sex union.

When I was in haiti, I knew of cases vhere lesbians or homosexual caught in the act or suspected to have been caught in in act were imprisoned.

I am not too knowledgeable of the Haitian laws, but I do know that in other Caribbean: lesbianism and burgary are illegal.

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Subject: CEP Komanse bay Carnet... Lesly Voltaire deyo, Wyclef and Alexis Are Still In edit

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