AUDIO: Michel Martelly Address To The Nation - Dec 8 2010

Earlier today, Michel Martelly addressed the Nation... This is the first time the candidate spoke publicly since the Presidential Election results were announced. Listen to what he had to say....

Here is it, uncut, unedited...

Michel 'Sweet Micky' Martelly December 8 2010 National Address
(to listen, press play)

(video not available)


What do you think about Micky's Address?

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Bougon Mai says...

So true...Haitians can not and will never be able to uphold democracy in Haiti.

We only respond to deadly force and

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Lena says...

no i am for change i am not looking for president friend but i know jude when i was leaving to haiti 20 years a go i never think and beleive he can do all bad think u all say he does i am haitian; gouvernement never doing nothing for me and my familly we dont have to be mad to each other for jude michell and madame manigat when they come in power they will forget about us and take all the money for them and their family brother i am leaving 20 years in people country i want to go back home i need change...for haiti for u and me and all

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Angi says...

First and foremost, as a friend of Jude Celestin, maybe you can answer that: who is he?

where does he come from?

what is his background?

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Thomas says...

Michel Martelly prezidan avi pa gen lot anko menm si yo vole vot pep la nou pap di way nap tann Martelly #8 red for

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Jp says...

peyi sa deja te yon kanaval ak

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Nadine L says...

at Lena, I could not have said better myself, I simply wish papa doc was still here..I am so tired of all the lies and all these

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Nadine L says...

What in the heck are you talking about?

what exactly did he said that made him so irresponsible...I don't agree with the people smashing things are burning houses, business but they do have a right to their

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Amwey says...

Michel Martelly is so irresponsible.

As a real leader, he should have called for calm, but not instigating the people to act more unrestrained.

There is a proverb in Creole that goes like this "Baton ki kale chen nwa, se li menm kap kale chen rouj."

Therefore, wisdom should have inspired him to call for peace and

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L.g says...

at Joanel
ou pa pale angle rete nan kreyol.

if Micky was reading your comment, he wouldn't understand it at

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Joanel Aka K.p.s says...

I think michel martelly don't like haiti cause if you think haiti need to change i don't think his the way you would like to tell your people stop do what his doing now...people who love michel is the people who don't have brain to think cause we all known haiti need to re-build not to put fire in the street or kill people...

michel don't known nothing in politic why he not keep make doing what he was doing before cause now what he try to do is to keep haiti going back never change...

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