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haitian wake up

when aristide was elected in 2000 the us france canada destroyed the economy trough an economic aid boycott because they want to make him look bad... more »

We pa we fok aristid tounen fok namphy cedras pou yo tout...

we pa we fok aristid tounen fok namphy cedras pou yo tout tounen vin rebati ayiti viv haiti aba tout salopri restavek blan ki pa vle haitien tounen... more »

marie laurence lasseque

madam sa anraje d epi le li te di anderson cooper ke yo pat jete moun yo tankou fatra mwen te ye ke se you manman diab kounye a li vle fe kananal e... more »

kanaval oh mon DIEU

50 millions de gourdes pou kanaval mezanmi ann serye eske tet nou byen you paket moun anba tent anmwe anmwe mwen pakab anko gade eta ayiti dim sa... more »


kidnapping of aristide in 2004 belair citesoleil massacre in2005 selection of 2011 no matter what haiti will always love aristide how the hell he... more »


we dont even have 29 millions dollars if we do that election shoul be canceled shame shame on our leaders so tout sa blan di nou oblige fel o papa... more »


jeanclaude aristide namphy avril cedras tout met tounen i know dont have the money that they left the country with but we should get at least $100... more »

we pa we aristde ap retounen

he was kidnap for denouncing imperialism and corruption since aristide was such a bad guy things must be better more »

Hi hater aristide can go back just like jeanclaude when u...

hi hater aristide can go back just like jeanclaude when u talking about killing hypocrite duvalier touye plis moun more »

7 feb 1986 i was only 8 years old

7 feb 2011 love love love yes we can haiti can be # 1 together we can do it just remember 1804 more »

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