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Mirbalais gen kat moun Ki mouri

Nan Mirbalais gen (4) kat moun Ki mouri. nouvel la ale plis poul di ke yonn nanoun yo pran yon bal nan bouch. more »

Furious protests greet Haiti election results

Furious supporters of eliminated candidates set fires and put up barricades in the streets of Haiti's capital after officials announced that... more »


United Nations has raised recent concerns

The United Nations has also raised recent concerns, with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday saying, "The irregularities now seem more... more »

Haiti Election 2010 no evidence of widespread fraud

International electoral observers had said that they found no evidence of widespread fraud in the days following the poll, but the US embassy in... more »

Riot police prevented protesters from attacking the CEP

Riot police prevented protesters from attacking the office of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), which delivered the election results Tuesday... more »

Haiti International Airport Toussaint Louverture shut down

The international airport Toussaint Louverture in Port-au-Prince was shut down and schools and businesses were shuttered today as Mr. Martelly's... more »

Haitians riot in capital over election results

Haitians run on a street shouting slogans against the government during a protest following presidential elections in Port-au-Prince.... Thousands... more »

Manifestasyon nan Anse a Gales

Nou fek jwenn nouvel ke gen dife kap boule nan Anse a Gale. Syel la tou nwa. Moun yo di bagay sa pap pase. Moun nan zon nan ka pran ale nan nenpot... more »

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