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Haitians divided over Wyclef ruling

Haitians appear to be divided by the decision by Haiti's electoral commission not to allow hip-hop star Wyclef Jean from running for president. Jon... more »

Wyclef Jean's presidential bid rejected

Video of Wyclef Jean moments before his bid for president of Haiti was rejected. youtube.com more »

Wyclef Jean Left off the List of Haiti's Presidential Candidates

Wyclef Jean's presidential ambitions may have hit a snag: The Haitian-American hip-hop star's name is not on the list of approved candidates for the... more »

Video: What South Florida Haitians Are Saying About The Elections

South Florida Haitian community talks about the Haitian government and Haiti presidential election. Watch the video and post your comments youtube.com more »

Video: Haiti fears over presidential poll

Watch this video about the circus going in Haiti over the Presidential elections and all the candidates. youtube.com About 20 candidates have... more »

haiti elections 2010 - 2011 candidates

Is the full list of haiti presidential election 2010-2011 candidate available online? If it is please let me know where I can find it. Thanks more »

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