The development of Haiti is simple and easy by seeing the...

Jean Pierrre - August 7 2018, 1:06 PM

The development of Haiti is simple and easy by seeing the potential of our agricultural and mining resources.

Me with my 25 years of studies and research I can develop Haiti by creating companies and jobs. I do not speak to speak I do actions and I give evidence in the shows on channel 11, flash radio, rfm, scoop fm showing to the public my various discoveries.

I know 8 countries: France, Spain, Brazil, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Santo Domingo, Cuba and Puerto Rico. I can tell you that unlike these countries Haiti is far from having such a structure, but we have assets that these countries do not have, namely: our resources and our climate.

Want to make a small investment, have your small factory in the field of construction or building, agriculture, food, cosmetics and others?

Contact me for more info. I will send you a contract.

You just have to buy the packaging and print the labels.

I will be able to provide you with resources according to the sector of activity chosen.

You will have premises, grounds and free material for the manufacture of your product.

I start after signing the contract and when you provide me the packaging and labels.

Logo, and all the graphics will be made by myself.

Contact me at: 509-48512354, email: mtrix.

technology [at]

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