I listened to the President speech and I believe the President...

Montresor 2011 - July 8 2018, 4:47 PM

I listened to the President speech and I believe the President did a fabulous job and I gave him a 10 scores over all and that's included his body language and his wife body language.

Now a lot of people will opossum everything because they are against everything even it's mean doing what's right.

The President seating down represents dialogues instead of confrontation and violence with aggression.

His manners are extremely excellent I am pretty much impressed.

Great job Mr. President but first provide jobs and opportunities and then you can and will collect more taxes without conflict.

One I would do if I was President is to let the private sector running the petroleum industry and then regulate them with taxes and permits.

And I will increment strategies to improve tax revenue for the government...

good luck

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