If the African countries stood up for Libya like Haiti is...

A True Haitian - June 6 2018, 1:51 AM

If the African countries stood up for Libya like Haiti is standing for Venezuela, Gadafi would still be alive and Libya's would still be in charge of their natural resources.

The six sisters would like to control Venezuela's oil like they did before Chavez, like they are doing in Haiti.

Of course Haiti would not be invited.

Haiti need to quit letting them interfere with their elections and ask them to butt out of their business as well. They have been in Haiti since after they invaded Haiti in 1915 and Haiti has been labeled as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere while Haiti has oil, gold, bauxite, sulfur, copper, uranium 238 and iridium.

Who's exploiting them?

According to their Monroe Doctrine, America belongs to American.

They're just there to exploit the resources and suck Haiti dry not to help. Hopefully, one of these days Haiti will have a leader with balls like Fidel Castro and things will start changing for the better and Haiti would not give a damn whether they are invited or not in their coktail reception.

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