Jah and Jahnes love. I don't think that Guy Philippe should be...

Marie Nadine Pierre - June 24 2017, 6:02 PM

Jah and Jahnes love. I don't think that Guy Philippe should be locked up on Cocaine related charges.

For me, folks (adults) who use the drug are trying to self medicate.

In fact, just about 50 years ago, Medical Doctors used Cocaine to ease pain while they perform surgeries on patients.

And, the people who use Cocaine are trying to self medicate, so the health care establishment should work with them to find a more w/holistic solution.

My concern with Cocaine Traffic through Ayiti is the ways that it forces needy people to become involve as Mules/carriers, pushers etc. and also as users.

I have been seen these people "market" their products and they can be super aggressive and violent.

Most importantly, Cocaine is a processed material that uses poisonous chemical.

And as such, I don't recommend the processed product, but Natives in Latin America.

specifically Bolivia, use the Cocaine Leaf and other parts of the plant for medicinal purposes.


I feel that Guy Phillipe should get life in Prison for murdering innocent people in Ayiti so he can impress his bosses!

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