No Jude Kretin! You helped create this mess with your...

Cheria - February 15 2016, 3:18 PM

No Jude Kretin! You helped create this mess with your shenanigans and now that you realize they want to get rid of both you and Jovenel and install Aristide, all of a sudden you are for elections?

What happened to the vote being rigged?

If so, why would you accept that new interim President is legitimate?

Did you even ask your other 7 father's for permission?

The people of Haiti must stand with Jovenel Moise and help him coast his way to an undisputable election!!!He needs to crush Lavalas and Jude Kretin once and for all. Lavalas is already working to eliminate Petit Dessaline the ole fashioned way, so no worries there.

Disgusting all of them...

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