To Djojo; I am not trying to judge your statement, neither to...

Petion - February 14 2016, 6:37 AM

To Djojo; I am not trying to judge your statement, neither to critique your intent.

I am a proud Haitian-American war veteran (with two military tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Military war medals recipient).

And also, I am a business graduated in Finance with an accredited college degree (MBA).

For you to stated that, Haiti is a jungle and even an animal can run for office, is telling the world, how ignorant and uneducated that you are (well, your writing skill showed a lack of education).

Although your opinion do not speak for all of us (Haitian), but it wanes our sovereignty as a nation.

In lieu of criticizing the citizens, in which have been trying to build back the country, and what not. Why don't you help too?

Really guy?

Is people like yourself that are not proud of being Haitian.

Self hatred is a disease, Djojo.

Get a clue or a cue!

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