I am an American and not into Haitian politics at all. It is...

Tony Long - February 11 2016, 4:48 PM

I am an American and not into Haitian politics at all. It is because of the major improvement of security, which makes Haiti statically the safest Caribbean nation to visit.

This was accomplished by arresting the kidnapping criminal organisations.

The building up of the Police and SWAT forces by the Haitian government, very good job. There are only 7 crimes per 100,00, which other Island nations are 2 to 3 times worst.

This is why I felt comfortable renting an S.U.V. and traveled over 700 miles around central and mostly southern region of Haiti.

I highly recommend driving with someone who really knows the island.

G.P.S. and very little street signs will not be enough for you to drive around with out getting lost. The people of Haiti are so welcoming and friendly.

The food was so fresh, I think Haitian Caribbean cuisine beats all other island food. I went to Haiti in 2014 and had such a great time, that I went back again in 2015. I don't know why there are people fighting against the Minister of Tourism.

I read another article that stated an increase of 500,000 more tourist visited Haiti 2015. That means more tourist dollars in the country, supporting hotels, artist, restaurants and taxi drivers etc. This is very good opportunity for the Haitian economy.

I highly recommend to visit Jacmel, Port Salute, Aquin, Pettionville, Port au Price Marriott, Ile a Vache Ababka Bay resort.

Very diverse island from caves to mountains from countryside to busy cities.

Next time I will try visit when at Carnival time and North Haiti where the Citadel fortress is located.

I highly recommend you to discover Haiti.

As I was surprised and surely you will be, after experiencing a side of Haiti you will never see on t.v.

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