Haiti elections Jude Celestin to decide if yes or no he will go to a 2nd round with Jov. Moise

En Ths - November 21 2015, 1:04 AM

If Jude Celestin decides not to go to a 2nd round, non need to go farther, by forfeit Jovenel Moise must win the elections.

Haiti doesn't look like bigger than the palms of my hands, I wonder why they are so many political parties and so many candidates?

For me everyone fights for a personal interest, not for the people nor for the country.

The people, being pushed by those candidates, whatever they are doing, acts by ignorance.

A true solution is to find a way to stop this flow of candidates.

They are the real enemies of the contry...

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En Ths says...

Read:... They are the real enemies of the country. more »