atdominican negroricart, for all I care, you can kiss my...

Proud To Be Haitian - March 14 2015, 11:13 AM

@dominican negroricart, for all I care, you can kiss my Haitian negro ass. Who the Fk are you: stupid, Dominican negro, former slave, retarded brain, and a piece of unwanted shit. Your so irrelevant to the world, you keep showing your stink ass as something important on every Fkn Haitians' blogs to make yourself relevant.

Negroricart, do yourself a favor or favors get the Fk out of Haitians' blogs.

Dominican negroricart.

Go Fk yourself.


Your opinions are irrelevant the same way as your stink unwanted ass. Do you have a life at all?

Negroricart! Fk you.

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@Proud To Be Haitian Negro, is there no end to your...

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