There is nobody overlaw every body can be arrested. But the...

Jean - August 14 2014, 9:26 PM

There is nobody overlaw every body can be arrested.

But the law should be apply on everybody with no prejudice.

Aristide is back in haiti since 2010 living his quiet life but still strong because he is the leader that meet the people interest.

Been forced out of his seat by a group of big power in the international that sponsored matelly government for some reason they attend to persecute him in order to cover their honte for distributing weapons to the croix des bouquets prison and free over 300 prisonners included clifford Brandt the kidnaper and president Martelly adviser.

When you study the haitian government operation you will see there is no arrestation or possible persecution to a president for gestion of money because no money give to haiti can be used to his purpose.

The money you give education spend in election.

The money to build the highway used to pay the police.

Sometime the police get pay from his gun. The juge get paid from selling justice.

The presidence get rich from selling the ressources of the country to international.

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