Great job, Israel is rich and other countries are very rich...

Patrick Princivil - June 2 2014, 8:09 AM

Great job,

Israel is rich and other countries are very rich they have Minustah to help them, about a poor country like Haïti?

I don't know for you, but I trust them more than the Haitian's police in Haïti they work hard for the money and they will not négiciate 50 gourdes, 100 gourdes etc. under the table with the Haitian's people for the wrong thing they are doing in Haïti, May Minustha stay Haïti for life, may the Haitien's government be blessed and find the money to pay them on time, instead of sending them home we need more, I would like Minustah become Haïtian's police also.


Don't be stupid, Obama is a Muslim he become Président of US; Michelle Jean is Haitian, she became Canadian's citizen and she became Governor General of Canada; any immigrant can come from any country can be in the army or police or whatever in US-Canada, what's so special about Haïti?

If they new better like that Haïti would not be poor and miserable like that. Do you know how much a police can make every month in Canada?

For the first year a police man or woman make $28 per hour, working 12 hours a day; 4 days a week plus overtime, how much a police make in Haiti make?

Almost nothing compare to them, if you try to give a Canadian's police 50 gourdes under the table to support you in your corruption the Canadian's police will laugh at you, they will think you loose your brain.

Diasporas you know better, don't let coco-rates destroy Haïti like that, to fix the Haitian's police properly they need to get very good pay and hire police come from other country who speak French, try to catch some In Thaiti, Dominica etc. you know they speak creole and french, choose them to work for Haïti, be careful don't really take from Dominican Republic, the Haitian's people corrupt them they will be worst.

If Président Martelly think the money they pay Minustah is to beautiful they will do a very bid mistake, Président Lamothe will loose the crab and the bag, ( nan kaka nou tap wè grès nou.)

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