Strongly without hypocrisy I Give Président Martelly F...

Patrick Princivil - May 12 2014, 1:50 PM

Strongly without hypocrisy I Give Président Martelly F, for his first 3 years.

We must trust that Président, everybody must love money, but not more than God in heaven.

We can see Président Martelly's style is to help Haïti to do better.

I beg The Lord God in Heaven to clean all thieves who work in Martelly's government and replace them by honest people in Haïti and other Haitian who are everywhere in the world who want to join and support the President.

Mains anpil charge pa lourd.

We must know without God in heaven we can't do better, but that apply for Spiritual life. We see with our own eyes the super power in the world don't have any love for God in heaven they have clean countries, why we can't make it?

If Président Martelly don't listen to US government to legalize same sex married in Haïti I will be behind him and Lamorthe.

I never vote for anybody in my life, but if they stand against same sex married in Haïti and keep working for Haïti the same way they are working so hard to help Haïti I will vote for them if diasporas can vote in the election of Haïti. I don't really care about people who don't want to serve God in Heaven, God give us choice, but for the development of Haïti it's non negotiable.

That's why instead of taking people inside Haïti who never know how Canada-US, La France, China Russia including all the six powers are. If they don't spend a minimum 2 years at school inside these countries to learn about politic' science, using chemical, factories, retails, health care etc. they should not be able to past closer to candidate for Président, senator, deputy, prime minister, primer.

If they learn only at school in Haïti they will not know better.

I am honest with you, with my accounting diploma, PC technician diploma and truck driving liscense, I don't even waist my time to apply for a job in Canada $19 USD per hour; you should know Haïti don't really have Job for me. I am doing my best to help Haïti to come out of that deep misery and curse.

It is so sad to hear people in the government of Haïti get pay just 130-160 gourdes per day. For people who don't really know about the currency of Haïtian's money 150 gourdes Haitian is $30 Haitian, it can be maybe a $10 USD and something a day, I don't even think they can even go closer to big restaurant with that kind of money not even a small restaurant, for me to eat in Haïti in a small restaurant I have to spend a minimum $100 Haitian, unless (chien janbé)

We can make it guys, if you turn your face to God he will bless you. In Jesus's name let me take control over all the agriculture, farming and government's land in Haïti you will see in us what God in heaven can do. Don't forget that I am music producer too very soon you will see how we will explode in the Gospel music God's willing, the Dominican people farm, and after the harvest they left a lot of foods on the farm's lands for the poor, they even said if people don't go in the Dominican's farms to collect foods from their trees to resell, if they collect foods just to eat they can go at anytime and take, this is so powerful.

Why we can't make it too?

Just repent.

If theHaitian's people in Haïti have a private car how many day they have to work to just change tires or oils in that car?

Nation you have to serve God in heaven to have a better life.

God Bless you

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