Fuck yourself. He's my father also. Why he doesn't claim...

Reveye Ayiti - February 5 2014, 3:55 PM

Fuck yourself.

He's my father also. Why he doesn't claim Danilo medina as his father, just because he knows there are lot of Stupid Haitians like you gonna support him. Why he didn't claim him before he got his power?

What's his mom's nationality?

You gonna say Dominican?

How come he's not Dominican?

That's bullshit.

Su madre fue una puta, quizas Ella ha pagado para follarse con demasiado hombres.

Pa fout al chache papaw nan batey.

Merde au plurirel.

I hope you understand one of those language.

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Sad i think it"s true because a lot of Domican woman...

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