Senator Moise Proose Manifestation

Sydoine Jeannite - November 29 2013, 7:06 AM

What is wrong with those leaders in Haiti?

Why is it they believe we must always have destabilization in the country?

What is really wrong with this man Senator Moise?

Did he attend school in Haiti?

Did he finish High School in Haiti?

Did he do do any form of any study in Philosophy in PHILO?

We are in 21st Century where Koupe tet boule Kay, deshoukayare things of the the past and barbaric.

our ancestors had to do that to free the slave who had no access to freedom and education and a system whereby to elect their leaders but we have a chance to do elect whom we want every five years.

Please Mr Senator Moise you wont achieve anything sensible in this protest today except few people may get hurt in the process and you will complain brutality.

I support democracy on all its forms.

President Michel Martelly has to msut and will finish his term in office for this is our constitution mandate and elected by the people.

I vehemently protested when When President Father Jean Aristide was forced out of Office and kept him at Bay from Haiti, I was upset and angry because in the history of Haiti He was The first democratically ELECTED PRESIDENT of Haiti and the same kind of blind leaders and lawmakers like Senator Moise who sided with external forces to force The Rev. Father Aristide out of office.

Mark you you This current President Mr. Mar telly has to take some blames because some utterances he made while Aristide was in office were distructive.

Put that aside he is now in Office he understands very well the dynamic of politics and good governance.

he extended olive branches to all his predecessors including Jean Claude Duvalier who was never elected by the people and for the people.

What president Martelly has done is very commendable and he has been trying to amend the broken pieces of the past. I have the highest regard for all my leaders past and present.

One the president is elected allow him to complete his full term without interference whether it be internal or external.

Any one who wants to become president while in opposition put forward your programme, plans why you should be elected president by the people.

You should do so considering a president is in office and his term is five years.

When you get to office Continue with all the good policies started by your predecessor and dicard or amend the others policies that may not be good for benefits of the country.

But everything should be done through dialog and not through coupe tet boule kay. The is 21st Century.

We need Transformational Leaders who are astute and Critical Tinkers and who possess good negotion skills and Decision making skills.

I will continue another time I am off for work now. I will comment on response later.

I am a compatriot, compassionate Haitian and envisage a Haiti with progress toward a bright future.

Rev. Sydoine Jeannite, PhD. Candidate, MSc. Ed.; MCC; BA(HONS) BTh; Dip.Ed.; DipTh.

Lisenced Clinical Pastoral counsellor CPC, Board Certified Integrated Marriage and Family Therapy, Clinical Professional Member (NCCA Sarasota Florida USA) ;Guidance Counsellor in Jamaica, Minister of Religion, Marriage Officer in Jamaica and Pasteur Dument Assermente, Gonaives Haiti and Head of Haiti Mission of Excellence operating in Gonaives (Boucanthomas), Overseer and Founder of Jamaica Full Gospel Church, Caribbean Children of Excellence, and Called to Excellence BASIC School An Early Childhood Institution in Montego Bay Jamaica

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nou toujou gen bon lide dechouke men nou pa jan-m ka...

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