Prezidan darling pam la... Avew m-ap mache...

Fernande Desir - November 19 2013, 10:07 PM

I know my President is peaceful person.

I did not expect him him to fight back with nobody.

President Martelly is there for one reason which is to rebuild Haiti, and he proves it to the entire world that he's capable of doing it.

What do you think?

Would they be happy to see that President Martelly is the one doing what should have been doing 30 years ago.

Not at all!

They are embarrassed.

And they think they can disturb his work.

I have News for them: Ti Marie pap monte, Ti Marie pap desann...

Prezidan pam saa Bondye ban mwen nan reve depuis 2010 apre tremblement de terre saa is not going anywhere.

Pas ou pas kita, ou pas Nago. Trust me.

Se Bondye ki voyel pou nou. Si nou ka dechouke Bondye nan ciel la donk nap kab manyin Martelly mais si nou pa ka manyin Bondye konnin se temps nous nap perdi.

Konsey mwen pou nou se al mete kor nou nan ou kwen, pran leson nan min gros Prezidan, gran Prezidan, pou nou kon sak rele " Leadership ".

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