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Agent-x - July 5 2012, 1:28 PM

Jean Pierre Alexandre, Although I still have healthy skeptical reservation about the validity of this news because the scientific findings are not yet published, but once the final outcome of this research will pass the the scientific community peers review litmus test, I will have to accept the Higgins boson discovery based on the strength of the Scientists findings.

You are in denial because your makoutik predisposition inclines you to be an obscurantist.

Remember that in the 1960's some of sub-literate or illiterate makoutes used to arrest young Haitians that carried dictionary or oversized books because they thought only communist carries big book.

Many of those youngsters were savagely tortured; some were killed at the hands of those biped beasts.

I still remember vividly the disappearance of one of the most able and astute Social Science professor named Maitre Jean-Baptist who was affectionately known among us as Doctor Satan.

A certain Y.D. whose parents and she were makouts, made false accusation about him because she could not understand the depth and the scope of his social science course.

Thus, your Duvalierist mentality is at the root of your current denial of scientific facts and is compelling you to seek solace in uncertain mythologies as a cop-out. There are not enough verifiable proofs about the Dogan, Hopi,Mayas etc to be certain certain about their plausible reports.

Thanks to the great educator Aristide who understand the educational and intellectual damage done by the Duvalierist biped beast, Aristide will continues to transmit the torch of knowledge to a few millions of Haitians that are thirsty for knowledge while the Duvalierists will continue to discuss which rifle and/or machine gun has the capacity to kill more people, to have obsession with compas direk by saying in most songs Min kompa'a, or being astute kleptomaniacs since their political conscientization did not evolve much and copel them to continue to be the tioul numero un des Americains.

They said that the word "kill" has been an obsession among most Duvalierists and it is the first word baby duck or most children whose parents are makouts are able to pronounce first as they starting learning to speak.

They also said that most Duvalierist are incapable of civility and telling the truth and curb their kleptomaniac tendencies.

Let me close this parenthesis for now.

Contrary to what you suggested that The Higgs boson particles are something that have been around for thousands of years, current scientific data tend to suggest that the Higgs boson particles must have been catalyst, preceded or present during the singularity point 13.7 billion years ago.

Scientific findings suggested that the universe started during an extraordinary event called the big bang where matter, space and time itself came into being from a single point in the universe called singularity point in an initial expansion and has been expanding ever since.

Thus, the Higgs boson are not something formed during the last few thousand years.

Here again you let Alex Jones brainwashed you with his info wars, pseudo-facts, mediocre baseless conspiracies theories for the most when you said "The so-called scientists are manipulators or working for the elites to keep the animals in darkness and confusion."

Alex Jones is working as a disinformation/confusion high priest for the True Axis of Evil-TAoE.

He is anti progressive movement.

He believe in the cult of individualist and made selfishness and gun his religion.

The facts are Scientist from all political spectrum are involved with this Higgs boson research even-though the elite signed their pay checks for the study, but many of them are not like some of the typical ti grangous opportunists with all kind in inferiority complexes we have in the Haitian parliament that are ready to compromise on their so called "principles" when all options appears to be on the table but prefers to reach and grab with gusto the monies and few rotten carrots that are distributing under the tables.

Regarding the link you pasted about the Hopi and the Dogans, those are so far mythologies.

Now there is a new mythology from the Exobiology or astrobiology perspectives that claims life evolving on earth from elsewhere in the universe via ancient astronauts, gods etc..and such lives are basically different and one day we will find them even if it would take us time to recognize them. Read The Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Daniken; Gods, Graves, and Scholars by C. W. Ceram.

Most religious and obscurantist groups claim that our non-coding or Junk DNA which represent between 95 to 98% of our DNA are of exobiological origins.

Usually those groups have hidden agenda with respect to race superiority and global control.

The same way the Europeans observe and made assessment of everything in African descends and craftily labeled them as inferior instead of different, in the future, those group will look at the sequence of the African genomes vs their own genome sequences to formulate outlandish claims of exobiological superiority over the African descends the same way some group claims they are better, must have more privileged in everything no matter where they are based on mythological ground such as the bible.

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This is all rubbish Agent-x,"God particle my ass"...


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