I disagree with you. Martelly is not an idiot but he is...

Agent-x - June 30 2012, 2:33 PM

I disagree with you. Martelly is not an idiot but he is functioning as the "Vice" Vice president of Haiti.

We have a foreigner who function as the De Facto president of Haiti.

We have other foreigner(s) who function as Governor General(s)of Haiti.

The De Facto president receive order from the master president from its contry of origin.

The De Facto president transmit the order to the Governor General from its country in Haiti

The Governor General who is in charge of archives, property deeds in and decide who is Haitian in Haiti and who should occupy political posts in Haiti gave orders to the Haitian "Vice" Vice president to execute those orders.

The "Vice" Vice president of Haiti is subject to blackmail, Coup d'Etat, trumped up narcotic charges in International Kangaroo Court, Character or/and physical assassination if the "Vice" Vice president of Haiti failed to follow orders from the chain of command.

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Agent-x,its seems you are very far to understand...


Haiti open for business does not mean sell the constiution, the Citadelle

When Martelly said that Haiti is open for business we should have people with exceptional expertise in contracts to...

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