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Agent-x - June 28 2012, 12:09 AM

This is a reply to Judith Jolicoeur regarding her following inquiry: "Did they find gas in Haiti?

Hi, this is just a question.

Please only answer if you really know. Have you heard talk about them finding gas in Haiti?" Posted 6/21/12 2:51 PM.

Agent-X says, Well since you did not specify the type of gas in your inquiry such as oxygen, hydrogen, helium,argon, buthane,chlorine, ethane,carbon disulfide, carbon monoxide, fluorine,nButhane, hydrogen chloride, methane,propane to name a few, I am afraid that you had in mind Martelly's gas tyrany.

If it is the case then refers to the article below:

According to caribbean360-com on 27 June 2012 Tear gas fired at demonstrators protesting demolition of their homes
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image Haitians threaten to torch affluent area if their shanties are destroyed for a flood-control project.

(File photo)

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Wednesday June 27, 2012

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