12 Juin 2012 makes it 6 months of Academic embarassement for Martelly gvt

Agent-x - June 12 2012, 6:39 PM

We know that when Haitian take actions against nature to becomes bald voluntarily, such people usually suffers from bibliophobia and are more interested in muscular and low level sensual activities such as sex, sports,gluttony and indulgence in mood altering chemicals.This explain why Martelly continues to sabotage the opening of University Lemonade Henry Christophe in Cap-Haitian.

The University Lemonade Henry Christophe in Cap-Haitian cost Dominican Republic fifty million US dollars[$ 50,000.000] The inauguration was done on January 12th 2012. Today June 12th 2012 the University of Lemonade Henry Christophe is still not ready to open its doors in the near future because academic matter is not a priority to this group.

That is why religious, sport,compas music represent 70% of the radio programs on most radio stations
Agent-X will keep you posted on this story

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