Those that dislike the priest are usually Dominican allies in the Rx trade

Agent-x - June 9 2012, 10:32 AM

The Dominican Government did not like the most important priest on this planet because of his plan to restore the Haitian dignity, self sufficiency and eliminate the Haitian co-dependance from the Dominican Republic which is not in the best economic interest of the corrupted Dominican government and its drug syndicate allies.

Those that want to label the the most important priest on this planet as a drug dealer are those same people that are involving in the illegal global drug network.

That is why D.R. used its territory to facilitate the kidnapping of the priest which was financed by the True Axis of Evil-TAoE
The priest does not use drugs or sell drugs.

According to almomento-ne on June 9, 2012, Spain occupy 121 kilos of cocaine from RD.

The tank container that traveled from the Dominican Republic to Sabadell through Valencia and Madrid
One of the packages of cocaine hidden in the tank container


- Spanish police took 121 kilos of cocaine hidden in a tank-container, which traveled from the Dominican Republic to the port of Valencia, where he was taken by train to Madrid and from there by truck to Sabadell (Vall

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