Haitians should starts buying lots of machetes, anythings else...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - June 2 2012, 7:11 AM

Haitians should starts buying lots of machetes, anythings else that can pierce human body.
Need to think about how they would start assassinates their leaders, the guys that think their brains are bigger than a Carolina water melon variety.

The people should have their fair shares constantly as the digging goes, after the contracts expires the people should have their lands back with reparation of damage close as possible.

I was told Aristide was the only president willing to takes time to find proper procedure to protect the people rights and the environment, even wanted a long term revenue for the people of the area knowing the severe damage of those people lands that been with them for generations.

Preval is the stupid bastards, a thief by design without control causing likely irreversible effect.

Haitians should worry with this incompetent government that eager to take decisions with out any brainstorming of any matters.

Who is in the defense of the Haitian people?

Who is in the defense of the environment?

A country, only the big gun can survive, only the thieves can be happy.

A country only the corrupted can eat.


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According to dadychery-org on 1 June 2012, Editorial comment For all their talk about

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