Haiti Blood Transfusion Centre ultramodern reopen under Martelly Dracula

Agent-x - June 1 2012, 7:44 PM

Blood bank is important but when we learn that Martelly Dracula is in charge of it there is cause for alarm since he is the self proclaimed heir of Francois Duvalier.

Not too long ago, Haitian people witnessed another vampire Dracula Duvalierist named Luckner Cambronne that terrorized the world and the family of poor haitians by exporting their cadavers and blood to foreign countries while Canbronne bragging all the way to the banks in Haiti and Switzerland banks that he is rich for the next ten generations.


According to haitilibre-com on 30 May 2012, Haiti - News: Some news here and there...

Haiti - News: Some news here and there...

Blood Transfusion Centre ultramodern
Closed since January 12, 2010, the National Blood Transfusion Center of the Haitian Red Cross (HRC), located currently (and temporarily) to Turgeau at the first floor of the Digicel, is back in operation.


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