Deep reforms in Martelly newspeak!

Agent-x - May 31 2012, 4:25 AM

George Orwell's Sorcerer's Apprentice meaning Martelly's new Ministry of Truth Ady Jean Gardy while speaking baloney without cheese indicates how he intends to muffle Martelly dissidents

According to Haitilibre-com on 28May 2012, Haiti Deep reforms in the communications...

New changes were made last week at the level of Media State with the installation of Mr. Sylvain Bernier as Director General of Radio Television Nationale d'Haiti (RTNH) and Mr. Gamal Augustin Deputy Director General.

Ady Jean Gardy, the new Minister of Communications, has announced a whole series of measures to help the government address its lack of communication by using the state media as a production center.

Thus, Mr. Jean Gardy as promised to create a new State television channel broadcasting continuous information 24/24. It intends to provide a real national coverage of state media by by repairing transmitters of Vigie and Delpeche, which will help the majority of the population that inhabits the regions North, NorthEast, Northwest, Central Plateau and the Grand Anse to receives the RTNH.

The Minister of Communication insisted, during his presentation, on the fact that he will fight the false propaganda and focus on the promotion of governmental information from the concrete results achieved in the framework of the reconstruction and national development.

He also made ​​a commitment to improving the lives and work of Journalists and Communication sector in general.

Measures that the Minister plans to implement :

A - Bridging the communication gap of the Government;

B - Bridging the gap of social communication;

C - Encourage the free expression of the people, by fighting against defamation and responding tit for tat, to the misleading campaigns;

D - Helping the press, whether community or private and state media, to modernize in order to contribute to sustainable development;

E - Ensure that the state media, Television, Radio National (and State newspaper to re-open) to serve the community, and cover the whole country;

F - Support civic education programs through the media (public and private), to train youth and help them love their country more, for an active participation in development and reconstruction;

G - Helping to resolve ethical issues in regard to the dissemination of messages, in accordance with the Constitution, national laws and international conventions;

H - Helping to resolve the programming problems of national audiovisual channels, through the production of news programs and entertainment for educational and informative, for a communication adapted to our realities;

I - Help to solve the problems of protocol in favor of media and journalists during the official ceremonies of public and private institutions;

J - Helping to solve the problems of continuing education through seminars and by supporting training schools including the Faculty of Social Sciences (State University of Haiti) and private universities of Journalism (University of Journalism and Social Communication, Haitian Center for Training of Journalists, the Institute of Communication and Public Relations, the Institute of Journalism etc.).

K - Provide technical assistance to the Press Associations of the capital and provinces (Association of Haitian Journalists, Association of Directors of Media, SOS Journalists, Association of Independent Media, Haitian Press Federation, Association of Community Journalists etc.).

L - Dissemination of massive press releases daily for every Ministry, by overseeing the work of groups of press placed in eachministerial entity, including a newspaper reporter, a cameraman, a photographer, an audiovisual editor and a responsible of social media (Twiter, Facebook, Youtube etc..), for objective information that does not prioritize propaganda, but which takes into account the government's efforts;

M - Obtain of private media free airtime according to the Telecommunications Act, for messages of social communication of the Government;

N - Support the programming of media through the broadcasting of multiple documentaries on the government's achievements and ongoing activities, with financial support according to acceptable standards;

O - Produce television documentaries and radio programs on the actions of each Ministry to broadcast as widely as possible, in public, private, and community media;

P - Promoting a website of centralized information at the service of the Government, supervised by the Ministry of Communication;

Q - Conduct Press Kits, producing balance sheets of each Ministry, and publish reference books on all sectors of national life for works of reference and a multi-sectoral communication;

R - Helping to prepare press conferences of governmental entities;

S - Helping to manage the government's image in the Diaspora and internationally (New York Times, Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, Le Monde etc.).

T - Maintain close relationships with the Directors of media, Editors, newsrooms, and news agencies accredited to Haiti, the international press correspondents and freelancers;

U - Schedule regular meetings with the press attach

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