Lies, damn lies and phony tax statistics

Agent-x - May 29 2012, 9:28 AM

Warning: Read carefully this article because it has relevance to most countries especially to the 1% tiny Haitian business elite.Moreover, be careful whenever you hear the compulsive and pathological liars Haitians that are Uncle Rice and Beans tioul Numero 1 go to the airwaves with their made up statistics to show how the Martelly Gvt is changing Haiti in a positive way while hiding the proofs.

Remember professional liars like to use phony statistics.The last time I spoke to one of them, when I asked him if he has a religion, he answered"statistics"

According to Baltimore Sun on 22 May 2012 Thomas M. Neale's letter to the editor, ("The wealthy pay more than their fair share," May 14) uses the usual Republican tactic of irrelevant statistics to confuse the issue of tax fairness.

It does not matter that the top 1 percent of taxpayers pay 38 percent of income taxes.

What matters is what percentage of their income do they pay in taxes

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Agent-x says...

This is an addendum to this article. The Jamaican case has relevance to Haiti where Americans,Canadians and Europans are buying our land like hot... more »