Please Google "vertierre monument Haiti". Look carefully and...

Ti Coq - May 28 2012, 11:16 AM

Please Google "vertierre monument Haiti".

Look carefully and see those metallic swords have been cut and stolen.

Is any one had been investigated and arrested for this Kind of insult?.

Our legislative are effective when it come to fight Haitiens with dual citizenship.

What about the stilling, the corruption inside the country.

What about the respect for our rich historic patrimony.

If the authorities are bussy stilling the country money.

I don't think, the poor people patriotism is enough to preserve the few left over of our patrimony.

Frank Etienne had said " my country had lost the occasion"
I believe it now.

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Triste Citadelle et Vertierre.

La citadelle c'est douloureux, pas de bonne toilette pour les visiteurs, grosse graffiti sur les murailles. Il semble...

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