Why I should kill myself for something I was not born with. A...

Monel - May 23 2012, 10:26 PM

why I should kill myself for something I was not born with. A house is nothing, just only an asset if you have equity in it.
In US people put the hole life in material, like cars and houses.for me you have to build your own future, in giving yourself something that you can have a proud day of your life.
As an entrepreneur I'm, I've built myself, in case, I'm not American if one day I should bankrupt here, I'm not gonna kill myself, so I will go back to Haiti to manage my business.

I remember I said that to a foreign blogger, most of American people can not deal with any little problem, one time this is happen they out of control.

There is nothing noble literally killing yourself to try and honor a contract, your creditor as heck won't do the same for you.
"tiye tet ou pou nenpot bagay se lach, ou dwe rete Viv pou konbat menm Jan ak yon ge'rye"



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Bro Monel,these people lost their touches with mother...

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