Since I am monitoring over 30 Haitian radio stations around...

Agent-x - May 20 2012, 2:33 PM

Since I am monitoring over 30 Haitian radio stations around the Globe daily.

I don't remember which radio station gave the news this morning May 20th 2012 regarding the arrest that occurred in Cap Haitian on May 18th 2012 during the flag day parade; however, between the hours of 8Am to 11 AM today, I was monitoring Radio Kiskeya, Radio Soleil, Radio Kajou, and radio Scoop.

It had to be radio Scoop or radio Kajou.

It had to be one of the station since I did not tuned on radio Caraibe since yesterday.

Btw: If you have high speed internet services, buy a few wi-fi radios aka internet radios.

I said buy a few because they don't necessary receive the same stations like ordinary AM/FM radio set but the will give you a panoramic view of the target country.

You could receive those wifi radio stations on your smart phone but I think smart phones are excessively expensive unless you are a bribe taker and carry a big macoute loaded with kidnapped Benjamin Franklin.

Grace radio and Aluratek radio are among the best wifi radio sets.

You will be able to tune into most radio stations in Haiti, Haitian radio program in Canada, France, USA, Latin America Caraibbean etc

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