Agent-x,"Rogue planet may be lurking beyond Neptune"

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 18 2012, 8:44 AM

Agent-x, we all know Pluto was rejected as a planet, Neptune don't have a respective orbit, beyond that wacko gas giant so-called planet Neptune, the Kuiper belt objects are more undisciplined than Neptune whom don't respect his orbital path, but still in control because of a cosmic law.
Agent-x, stay focus with me on this one please, and don't think i am nut case to think so.
My theory is maybe, our galaxy don't have a respective motion, running off"eccentrically" around the center, we all know our solar system is just about on the edge of our galaxy, meanning possibly can past thru debris, dust and other crap while doing our revolution"galaxy".

Records shows disturbance every 3,595 or 3,600 years on planet earth.

Don't claim i am legally creazy yet!
My theory is;I think our Galazy took 3,595 or 3,600 earth years
to make a complete revolution.

I need your input in this matter

New study: Rogue planet may be lurking beyond Neptune

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