Tell me how you will react toward a person that killed, your...

Agent-x - May 11 2012, 3:06 PM

Tell me how you will react toward a person that killed, your mother, your brother, your sister or your daughter between 30 to 55 years ago?

Will you let that person crime go unpunished?

I don't think you will conjugate the same craps as you are doing now for the Duvalier regime.

You cannot have double standard when it comes to justice.

Your view on this matter is irrelevant since you are not a family member of those victims.

You did not share their tribulations.

You are trying to protect your skin since you, your parents or relatives were involved in killing those Haitians at the pleasure of the empire.

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Agent-x,like i said,this law does not in effect for...


Status of limitation does not exist for crime against humanity

If Martelly tries to pardon Jean Claude Duvalier and the macoutes that were involved in committing crime against...

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My family never was in danger in Haiti until Aristide...

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