American in Haitian prison / issue of double nationality

Agent-x - May 9 2012, 8:18 AM

Several hundred of Haitians are in US jails/prisons.

Some are for good reason other for no valid reason.

Haiti is powerless to have the innocent prisoners release from the US jails and prisons.

However, whenever the Haitian authority arrest American in Haiti it become ipso facto a sacrilege regardless of the offense perpetrated by the American.

Right-away, this American life is in imminent danger, and, he or she must be released without condition and without delay despite of the fact Haiti does not have death penalty in its laws and penal system.

Most of people around this planet still remember that on January 2010 ten US Baptists missionaries who tried to take away from Haiti 33 children, ranging in age from 2 months to 12 years and the US pressurized the Haitian government to release them.

This shameless double standard in this defacto international law must stop.

I profit this occasion to remind people about the loop-side danger of the law of the jungle where international law is conducted by illegal means such as: gunboat diplomacy, illegal and unjust embargoes, frozen assets of weaker countries, stick and carrot style visas policy to name a few which have far reaching consequences on the double nationality concerning weak and powerful nations.

The double nationality is a Damocles sword, a Trojan horse that will facilitate the subtle colonization and further dehumanization of Haiti by the true axis of evil.

If they implement the double nationality in Haiti, the consequences will be a total take over of Haiti without the corresponding political and human rights for the Haitians.

That will means if you are not an Haitian-American, Washington will discourage your nomination for important post in Haiti by exercising all kind of pressures on the political groups, ministry and parliament in Haiti.

This has been done behind the scene in a hush-hush fashion without the double nationality provision.

With the double nationality, it would be more open. Later on, they will use those non Haitians to change the constitution whenever they want to suit their insatiable interests and sphere of influences and to modify every detail of the Haitian culture.

According to Haitian-truth-org dated 9 May 2012, a US-citizen-held-in-Haiti, Navindra

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