A systematic approach and clarification to certain...

Agent-x - May 6 2012, 11:48 PM

A systematic approach and clarification to certain misconception.

Marjorie Middy= MM
Agent-X= AX


1-A-Maj=Social changes don't drop from the sky. They happened because of series of previous changes.

1-A-AX= I agree with you if you mean the law of action and reaction and the Sputnik was the catalyst that propelled open Education in America colleges.

nas.edu/sputnik/bybee2.htm Whereas previously education was the privy of the elite, the privileged for one reason or another and such situation hampered social mobility on the way to becoming hereditary.

See also the article by By: Lisa Rosenberg on March 2007; Cultural History Through the Lens of Elite Higher Education;

See article by By Jerome Karabel:The Chosen: The Hidden History of Admission and Exclusion at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.

You might say the theme rags to riches of Horatio Alger is still de rigeur but I will ask you how many of them on every millions.

This frontier is closed long time ago.
The next 1000 years looks bleak unless our new and future generation will find a practical and sustainable way to go to other planets


1-b-MM= Here I was under the illusion it was the good and hard work of Rev. Martin Luther King and the social revolts of the 1950's and 1960's here in America.

1-b-AX= Rev. Martin Luther King movement was coincidental it was not a determine factor nor a relevant factor to the open admission program in those colleges.

Cold war and the unexpected challenge of Sputnik were.

Social movements usually takes several decades to produce result if the power that be failed to crush them.

In 1965 during an interview in the play boy magazine Dr. Martin Luther King said, that granting black Americans only equality could not realistically close the economic gap between them and whites.

King added, he did not seek a full restitution of wages lost to slavery, which he believed impossible, but proposed a government compensatory program of fifty billion over ten years to all disadvantaged groups.

Unfortunately Santa Claus is still on the North pole with the money.


1-c-MM= Really, Agent-X, you gave the educational changes in America to the Russians?

1-c-AX= Russia was a part of the Soviet Union along with 14 other countries the same way Colorado is part of the United States along 49 other states and Washington DC.

When the Sputnik was launched into an elliptical low earth orbit by the Soviet Union on October 4th 1957 by the Soviet Union, the following 15 countries constitute the Soviet Union:

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

So all those state should get the credit and Russia was one of them.


2-MM= People everywhere are obsessed with gadgets.

2-AX= Some people like gadgets but since I don't have the statistics, I am afraid to agree with you that people everywhere are obsessed with gadgets.

If it is the case, I better recall Dr. Feel Bad from Dominican Republic assignment and have him treating close to seven billions of people with obsessive compulsive disorder on Axis-I.
Such windfall opportunity will make all the earth billionaires look like lamentable paupers in comparison to Dr. Feel Bad who will have to change his name into Dr. Feel OK not really good.

In some countries, they have team of psychologists they use in advertising industry to manipulate people fears, ambitions,insecurity to make them buy thing they don't need. Read the Status seekers, The hidden persuaders, The waste society, a nation of strangers by Vance Packard

There is a big difference between need and want. You may want a gold with diamond watch that cost over $10,000 to keep time but in reality all you may need is a .99cents quartz watch that is usually more precise than your expensive extravaganza.

Buying a cell phone at Radio shack for $12 to communicate around the planet is a need but buying a cell phone that cost $ 500 is a want and not necessary even if you carry ill gotten macoute load of cash from the Dominican Republic or from the Haitian parliament on a regular basis.


3-MM= Reality shows are a byproduct of dissatisfaction with canned mindless programs.

3-AX= I don't watch TV. I am afraid to comments on TV shows.

I check the expression reality show on Google and I infers it is similar to the canned mindless program of yesteryear repackaged with different emphasis to captivate the new generation but the function remains the same mental anesthesia of yesterday.

It is the same paradox with the hippies during the 1960's who claims that unlike their parents[usually were corporate materials, middle class] they were not conformist.

However, the hippies were more conformist than their parents in the way they dress, behave and certain ritual they followed.

They rejected one form of conformity to adopt another.


4-MM= Most "Specialist" everywhere as a group are mute when moving outside of their arena.

4-AX= I agreed.

I forget the sociological terms for it.
To illustrate what you said, let me give you an example: Let's say that you are watching the Wall Street demonstrators,

1- A Police will probably see the group as a crowd control problem.

2-An Economist will probably see the group in term of scarcity and income distribution.

3-A psychologist will probably interpret the group behavior as acting out to release stress.

4-A protestant Pastor probably will ignore the facts and interpret the group behavior as devil at work such as the case of Pat Robertson.


5-MM=Language priority changes for a reason, It is due to CONTRIBUTING factors, not about the number of people who speak the language.

5-AX= The above sentence is too vague to merit an answer.

It should be resubmitted.


6- MM= Those of us who are trying to educate others should be extra careful to help instead of feeding them half baked theories.

6-AX= Unlike some people, Agent-X does not claim to have the monopoly of the truth.; Agent-X made statement based on verifiable knowledge base.

Agent-X is more interested in solving problem than to find the truth.[Solving problem means action that sustain life and prevent death]

I agree with you. A contemporary author said a few years ago The educator must himself be educated.

So he or she will have good command of the topic under discussion.

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