Thank you Jean Pierre for your reply, I hope it will make...

Patrick Princivil - May 6 2012, 6:17 PM

Thank you Jean Pierre for your reply,

I hope it will make sence for everyone about what I am saying.

I know all the diasporas everywhere in the world would like to see a beautiful Haiti to live in and out of Haiti; I leave in Ottawa-Canada for 16 years; Now I am in Toronto-Canada about 7 years.

The painful thing is: when the white Canadian's people saw me frozen in the winter and ask me where I come from?

I replied: I come Haiti, they reply back to me why am I in the minus 20 or minus 30 or minus 40 with wind etc. In Canada?

I could not know what to answer them because from 1991-2011, I went Haiti back and fourth 10 times already, even thou I don't know the hell the bible talk about.

I say: Instead of going Haiti, I can say:I went to hell. Nothing open 24 houres to by, not even a biscuit or gas in the night no parking lot, we can't even talk about plaza.

All the Haitian's diaspora, let us stick heads together with President Martelly without hypocrisy to rebuild Haiti properly.

If the diasporas stick heads together to give Haiti a donation of $10 a month to farm the land and for the construction of the highways and to asphalt the road side and put yellow paint and white paint lines on the ground, God will bless us. If all the Haitians of Haiti: including rich or poor just give a donation of $5 Haitian a month, I believe that Haiti will be very powerful

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Patrick Princivil,you can make them decide faster if...

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