Benardette, Do you remember the very first popular electronic...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 6 2012, 4:50 PM

Do you remember the very first popular electronic game in the 80's "PACMAN"?

I am sure you know too before PACMAN were more excited games in the 70's with people was happy with too as well.
Just think about that change, it' only few years a part.
My point is, old things are not old, new thing are not new either,
;It's just time, time is moving and we are moving faster into the time with great speed.

Dedette, who is the mechanism of that social engineering you are talking about?

Who is the driver?

Who is the passenger?

Why such mechanism insist for many years?

My sister, i hope i can find an answer from you, if not i thank you for your powerful topic"The powerlessness of social engineering".

Peace, love to you.


The powerlessness of social engineering

Undoubtedly the world is changing and uncertainty about truly what is about to happen makes a lot of us run amok...

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Jean Pierre, The mechanism of social engineering is...

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