Marjorie Middy, when you are dealing with physical objects...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 6 2012, 4:25 PM

Marjorie Middy, when you are dealing with physical objects there is always improvement until perfection, even if you fail in many occasions in such product, material or anything else that is not active in life form.
With the process of DR's "Corrective action system" You can fix or modified all of the above.

But, when its come to HUMAN or any other living form on this planet;It's near impossible to adjust or change to perfection to a common goal.
This planet will be impossible to change with 7 billion brains with different agendas.

Bel fanm, you got my drift?

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I agree with you Bernadette social engineering is...


The powerlessness of social engineering

Undoubtedly the world is changing and uncertainty about truly what is about to happen makes a lot of us run amok...

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