Agent-x, we are in the beginning of that transition Dr. Michio...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 6 2012, 4:00 PM

Agent-x, we are in the beginning of that transition Dr. Michio is talking about, in my opinion that is not all of his storming brain, he was not that direct to his point of focus for someone that been in contact sessions with the elites.

Anyway, i got his glimpse in the subject of importance.

The focus is one world on everything "including religion, if it will be any, language is English, every living animals including humans are subject to one world government"
Scientists, Physicists are already subjects of the elites.

The so-called blue bloodlines are in motion for that goal for thousands of years.

I am not surprise for Dr. Michio Kaku behavior, i am only surprise because of your belief thinking he is not human.

Remember year and half ago, i told you Dr. Michio is only a man, he is smart but not enough.

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