Michio Kaku as a theoretical physicist appears to have a...

Agent-x - May 6 2012, 11:31 AM

Michio Kaku as a theoretical physicist appears to have a deeper understanding of the string theory and hadronic physic.

That is where he appears to have his strength.

I agreed with Kau observation that people in the US are more obsessed video and reality show which I call mirage show than education.

However, when he steps beyond the boundaries of his expertise to comment on other subjects that he as a layman or an ignoramus, then he makes a fool out of himself and have done himself a disservice.

Kaku who has no known expertise in Anthropology, economics, International politics, History surprised me to call terrorist anyone who disagreed with globalization.

Kaku who is not a linguist, even went further to say that English language will be the universal language because few people around the world could read and write English not necessary speak it.
I remember that Latin was the language of educated class until a few years ago. I remember that French was the language of diplomacy, philosophy a few years ago; I remember Italian was the language of music a few years ago; I remember that German was the scientific language and philosophy a few years ago and Ayitien was the wisdom and spiritual language a few years ago. Kaku remind me of another arrogant physicist named Wliiam Bradford Schockley Jr whose area of expertise was electronics and solid state but went to other area such as genetic to justify his racist view on eugenic and made regrettable statements about the black race.

As a guy that grew up in a Japanese concentration camp in California even though it was for the Japanese-American-Americans, I don't know why kaku posit himself as a high priest of this system or at least as its spoke person or mount piece.

May be his apparent position is genuine for reason that we cannot elucidate at this moment.

Traditionally knowledge and education were the province of the rich and the elite.

They discouraged and forbid the masses from attending school and persuaded them to concentrate their full attention to matter pertaining to entertainment, sex and procreation.

Such activities were time honored and worked to the advantage of this 1 to 3 % tiny elite because they needed docile, uneducated manpower from preliterate societies until the end of the industrial society.

This explain why country like the US, France,England don't believe in free education at university level.

It take the Soviet Union Sputnik in October 4th 1957 for them to realized that knowledge from a tiny elite is not enough for the progress and survival of a nation and genius like Aristide can be found in any strata of a society.

Thus, during the 1960's they allow open admission in those universities in the US.

Thanks to the Sputnik incident over one million American now are college graduate.

Now, since Daniel Dell sirenized the demise of the industrial society and usher the post industrial society meaning information and service oriented society will become the norm of human activities and employment which means necessity for more brain power and less muscle power [Stephen William Hawking a good example] then High school diploma become worthless, Bachelor Degree is replacing H.S. Diplomas and to compete in the world arena one will need Master Degrees, PhD, Post Doctoral Degrees or more than one PhD. Since the majority of people with those higher Degree are from the Second, Third or even the Fourth world, we will see more and more people will choose to to help their countries rather helping those rich countries terrorizing and destroying their countries.

So, soon the H-1-B-1 visa will become futile.

They Omitted Aristide, Castro on this list for political reasons

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