Does not this sound bothersome Marthelly?

Grenadye16 - May 5 2012, 10:43 AM

I do not know what this really means to everyone but it appears for me a bit bothersome that a president has to leave his country in the search of medical back up. Unless it is a security concern I do not see any explanation that would be convincible enough.

It is so clear that in haiti nothing works.

I dot say you are responsible for since the world has been created things were like that in haiti but this does not justify that we are condamned eternally to live under that condition Mister President.

Now if it were permited to someone freely express himself my question would be what can someone do in case of having not possibility to go for medical care?

We all know the answer.

Is there then a possible hope that a day without the need of leaving haiti to someone find good medical assistances for whatever the case?

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Moun Debien says...

Grenadye16 mwen pral voye Roro Nelson poul frape ou nan figi,pou li kalote ou,poul moutre rou respekte moun anwo a ran ou. Ki jan ou fe permet ak... more »