I don't even know that guy, but because of President Marttely...

Patrick Princivil - May 4 2012, 3:24 PM

I don't even know that guy, but because of President Marttely I give him credit.

I am not always negative, but the Haitian's robber threat Haiti so bad for so many years, from the year 2009-2012 I keep Haiti under attack you can make big difference.

How come the country of Haiti didn't have not even on marchine of agriculture.

The province of Haiti was empty like a desert, buying beans, rice, and more from US government; they sell the cans and the tomatoes to Haiti.

I understand that if you by the can from them, but not the tomatoes, not onions in the cans. I heard the Haitian's people even go Dominican republic to by bananas, onions, tomatoes, beans etc. This is a part of deception.

Please! Stop to say US keep us in the slavery.

Having good heart to do good things; that's why I will attack anyone who attack President Martelly, he can do the job, let him choose good people to help him develop this corrupt country.

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