The powerlessness of social engineering

Bernadette - May 3 2012, 8:39 PM

Undoubtedly the world is changing and uncertainty about truly what is about to happen makes a lot of us run amok. Predator writers and politicians preys on these circumstances to make the situation looks a lot worse.

When we are looking at you tube or books written about social changes, please take into account what the author(s) is/are talking about stays within context.

I remember the time that me and my parents and my siblings lied down on our parents feet in that tiny living room on upper west side Manhattan watching "Apollo 11" that summer night, the "Grown-ups" were all agitated talking about this new machine (the computer) that was going to change people's lives and that hands were coming out of the screen and the screen was going to fly and that was a sign of social destruction.

Well, the computer age came of age. There are some negative aspect of the computer like predators who solicit our children or people who work on identity theft for example are bad example of the computer age but all in all, the computer did manage to enhance our lives in a positive matter in countless of ways. When we are talking about the evilness of a subject if we don't give the pro's and con's of that subject, please in all honesty it negates the author's authenticity and validity.

The net is full of people who are basically charlatans with the sole intention is to entice people in a frenzy toward negativism about social changes for whatever reason(s) they may have had. Certain type of people naturally gravitate toward them. The world dos not stand still.

Nobody has a crystal ball on how the world will develop.

Some of us make predictions, then test those hypothesis according to the dictated theory.

Mistakes are or will be made. This is part of the territory.

There is a lot that we don't know about our planet.

The boldest of us studied the past and make assumption about the future.

Those assumptions have to be tested.

Sometimes there are severe penalties.This is precisely the way we learn whether we are right or wrong about our hypothesis.

For instance the book "1984" thought that Soybean was going to replace meat and a lot of people will have a diet made of soybean because we would not be able to sustain the "population explosion".

Well, 1984 went and gone and we are still here eating meat and soybean is still an exotic diet. The book exemplifies more our fear at that time of a shortage of food due high percentage of increase of the population.

At about and around the same time birth control pills and micro-mini skirt and free love came to the scene and the result was in early 1970's zero population growth hits the pavement.

That is fine and dandy but we were not thinking of the consequences of social security population 40 years later...Who will pay for that population?

Hopefully immigration from other countries will pick up the tab. The new immigration population is from south east Asia, south-central America, the Caribbeans and ethnic cleansing Russia.

All of them require remedial factors to fit in and serve their newly adopted nation;which turn into fiscal expenditures.

We all can bad mouth the evil of social engineering, but what about the positive aspect of it?

Like cloning tissues to save a child who is dying of cancer?

Saving your mother who is dying of old age and diseases?

Cloning your favorite food to make it better, more abundant and tastier?

Mother nature is not always the answer.

In fact mother nature can be cruel at times like the quake in Haiti 2 years ago. We Humans have to take control of the situation.

Okay, fine, Americans are aggressive when it comes to new frontier.

They want to be the first.

Most of the time, they get the job done. Some competitive nations might not like it but this is just the way it is. Instead of critisizing America for its evil doing, why don't you understand the compass of the situation at hand?

Besides you people don't give credits to the people.

Them too are working to solve their daily issues that affected them. There is a demographic trends in America now that people are moving to rural and mountainous America in record numbers to move away from urban social ills. They are thrifty and living off grid in order to get away from it all.
People are not oblivious to social changes, they do react.

they are not victims nor are they slaves of the system.

If they don't like it, they react violently to protest and change it.

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John says...

Bernadette, what you said here is a little bit too deep to answer all at once, but I am going to try. Yes the world is changing and certainly we... more »

Marjorie Middy says...

I agree with you Bernadette social engineering is powerless in the face of the people. Without their complicity, their money,their religion, their... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Marjorie Middy,when you are dealing with physical objects there is always improvement until perfection,even if you fail in many occasions in such... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Benardette, Do you remember the very first popular electronic game in the 80's "PACMAN"? I am sure you know too before PACMAN were more excited... more »

Bernadette says...

Jean Pierre, The mechanism of social engineering is government, especially at wartime when more inventions are made by necessity. The drivers are... more »

Lovanist says...

Dear Marjorie: I appreciate you what you said here about this subject you never say things I don't appreciate I can only look for you on weekend the... more »

Monel says...

Dear Bernadette this kind of topic was not found easy on"".when this happens a person who likes to discuss good subject must be shared... more »

Bernadette says...

Like I said before my intent is not to make anyone looks bad or contradict what has been said. On the contrary, the contrary I applaud Agent-X for... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Benardette says:The Russians then and US were not friends, in fact they were in a cold war in 1959. Dedette,they are not in a hot war now? Why... more »

Bernadette says...

Jean Pierre, Barack Obama and I were through almost a year ago when he announced the murder of Ousama Bin Laden. A murder does justify another... more »