A panoramicof great disorder under the heaven or sky

Agent-x - April 30 2012, 5:40 AM

According to the Axis of Logic featured By Paul Richard Harris,
Axis of Logic exclusive on Sunday, Apr 29, 2012,This article is not my idea. A friend sent me an email that contains the gist of the point being made here; but the text is mine.

For those of you who are aware there are other countries outside the borders of your own country (I have some acquaintances who don't appear to know this), there are approximately 197 countries in the world.

I say 'approximately' because not everyone agrees on South Sudan or, particularly, on Taiwan.

Regardless of the exact number and regardless of how well-informed you think you are, I suspect there at least a few facts presented here that will surprise you. I confess to being unaware of several.

Nothing profound or important about this piece - just a few interesting facts about the world that might not have come onto your radar.

So here we go:

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