The scenario could have been a lot worse, people. So far those...

Bernadette - April 28 2012, 11:47 PM

The scenario could have been a lot worse, people.

So far those gunmen have more or less acted minimally.

Imagine a country like Haiti with an absentee, presumably sick president with no prime minister to take control of the country, a defunct prime minister of whom nobody accepts orders from, an unprepared, under funded and under armed police force.

One of the reasons that the former "army" members don't do more damages is that they know MINUSTAH is lurking around.

They fear MINUSTAH; They don't want to swap horns with MINUSTAH.

I hate to say it, but it is the truth.

President Martelly upon his return to Haiti should send strong and clear messages to the former military members as to what the President intends to do with the military issue, he has been somewhat coy on that subject.

The President should also ask them to return their weapons to the government.

Those weapons are government properties anyway.The Haitian government should collect their properties back from those gunmen.

The President might consider a monetary compensation in return for their courageous behavior and cooperation with the law.

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