After I scrutinized your writing, I may infers that you...

Agent-x - April 28 2012, 11:44 AM

After I scrutinized your writing, I may infers that you pretend to know everything;you have the monopoly of knowledge and acting as a curator or custodian for my fund of knowledge.

Such pretentious claims illuminate the depth and magnitude of your lamentable state of ignorance.

Time and space preclude me from dwelling on the roots of your epistemic quagmire but our staff will pay closer attention to it upon your return from Colombia.

Agent-X is not omniscient nor a Solipsism.

Agent-X has knowledge gap in every field so the more Agent-X learn, the more Agent-X realize how little he knows and that leads him to the Socratic irony.

Alex Jones and George Noory radio talk show have a wealth of information but they are guns mongers, guns affectionados which indicates they belong to the minority of plunders in society that need naked aggression to exploits others.

They are extreme rights, classified as conspiracy theorists.

They are not too friendly to immigrants.

You should use your judgement to filter what you heard from their mixed bags[They will give you wooden nickels for changes if you are dupe and not careful] because they carries inaccurate, distorted information to strengthens their hidden agenda.

Everything they said should be verified.

I don't believe most of the thing they said about George Bush, Obama etc including the video you posted from them.
Alex Jones sound almost unreasonable sometime.They said that he works for Israel.

George Noory father was Egyptian.

George Noory was in the US Navy. He makes more sense when his guess are people like Michio Kaku, military experts, scientists,inventors, etc but when his guess are talking about the existence of nonsenses such as: God, Satan,reincarnation, soul,ghosts, haunted houses, then I change the station.

Use their info as a springboard to do research.

Use wikipedia as your first step in any research.

By the way Agency-X-1804 will send you to Colombia for your treatment from Monday May 21st 2012 to Monday August 27th 2012. If succesful, then we will send you for one month in Dominican Republic an finally for one month in Venezuela for la creme de la creme or the best.

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