We don't need the assault rifles because we cannot win in a...

Agent-x - April 26 2012, 9:11 PM

We don't need the assault rifles because we cannot win in a conventional war with the Dominican Republic.

If anyone has an opposite view, tell them to see a good psychiatrist or a good Houngan"rapido presto"

Remember the Haitian former military never use those assault rifles, their artillery, tanks,helicopters against any foreigners that managed to disrespect directly or indirectly the Haitian nation.

The Haitian military did not riposted after the Dominican former president Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina ordered the massacre of 38,000 Haitians October 1937,Refers to this book on the internet: [Foundations of Despotism: Peasants, the Trujillo Regime, and Modernity in Dominican History (9780804751056): Richard Lee Turits]

All those weapons I mentioned above, I witnessed that the Haitian military used them invariably against the Haitian population to protect the interest of the bourgeoisie especially during the events on May 25th 1957.
Read:[From Glory to Disgrace: The Haitian Army, 1804-1994 by Prosper Avril]



Haiti does not need those firearms to continue the vicious circle of violence and to breed more people with criminal inclinations and tendency like you.
Those that are advocating for guns are part of the Haitian problem not part of the solution.

Remember that weapons are there to kill people not to solve Haitian basic social problems such as deforestation, agriculture,housing, energy,health care, literacy,employment, law and order, social security, pension and others.

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Agent-x,you makes me laugh. Anyway! We will let the...


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