Martelly excursion in distraction deflect attention from Haiti construction

Agent-x - April 20 2012, 3:36 AM

All the so called scandals ranging from Martelly paternity case in Dominican Republic, the alleged Martelly-Manigat bribe history, the so called ex military extortionists, Martelly hooligan action at the Faculty of Ethnology, the Premier Minister dilatory game, the multi passports game, the illness game etc..constitute an armada and a panoply of distractions geared to babysit similar to the TV the Haitian adult population and to deflect their attentions from important matters such as the reconstruction of Haiti and who are stealing the earthquake monies.

What might be the next scandal?

This is the question.

The Hollywood/Sinwood social engineers, opinion makers, engineers of consent may come up soon with some bold and spectacular tricks for the credulous and scandal mongers populace.

Don't be surprised if the next news probably said: Gary Conille (Gynecologist)performing an abortion on Michel Martelly.

It may sound absurd and incredible but if that could help to camouflage serious matters while keeping the boys and the girls busy. They might modify it later to a political abortion.

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