Dominican & Haitian Mafias Vs The Offsprings Of Dessalines

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 17 2012, 9:27 AM

I wonder, why?

The plagues, the spots, the stains on Haitian backs are uncurable even with best technics and soaps.

The Dominican mafias and Haitian mafias are our malfactors.

Their causes, impacts are crystals clear in Haiti.

This is one good example:Pedro Julio Goico, an ex Dominican retired colonel who dare to bring Haiti to destruction at last.
Pedro Julio Goico, a master of all crooks"even whent to prison for raping, milking the Dominican lottery system of 98,000,000.00 pesos broad day light in the eyes of everyone.

Regardless of the situation, our Haitian mafias are the low of the lowests, don't have any shames, don't have any considerations in our past Historical, wanted to bring chaos as well in Haiti.

I believe we should bring these animals 6 feet down and fast.

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